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Affiliation Gloves (Negative Cut)

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Our GKN Affiliation gloves are aimed to provide Coaching Businesses and/or clubs with bespoke gloves to sell/provide to their keepers.

Having a specific glove to your coaching business adds:

1) Extra Income

2) Professional Identity

3) Overall Professional Look

We have a minimum order price range set as below:

 20-39 Pairs

£19.00 Per Pair

40-70 Pairs

£18.00 Per Pair

71-100 Pairs

£17.00 Per Pair

Shipping - £80 (From Supplier to UK & GKN to Affiliate with Insurance)

Pick a mix of sizes, For Example: Size 5 x 5 | Size 6 x 4 | Size 7 x 3

Delivery time is around 5-7 Weeks, subject to public holidays.

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